The Basics

Two types of promotions exist for passengers: Credits and Ride Discounts. These are claimed using a specific Promo Code, or are automatically applied to your account. Check the terms of your specific promotion for specific details or restrictions.

How do I view my available promotions or discounts?

On the ‘Payment’ screen after a ride, you’ll see the credit amount applied and the total amount charged to your payment method.

If your credit isn’t applying automatically, tap on the Payment Method, displayed above the ride total, to see your available options.

What is a Ride Discount?

There are two types of Ride Discounts*:

  1. Percentage Discounts: These offer a percent discount off your fare.
  2. Fixed Discounts: These remove a flat-rate dollar amount from your fare.

Percentage Discounts only apply to the ride fare (base charge, time, distance) and not any additional amounts associated with the ride. Additional amounts include: tips, Trust & Service Fee, Airport Fees, Tolls, and other ride surcharges, like cancellation and damage fees.

Check the Terms to learn more about your specific promotion details. These are typically available in the communications you received about the promotion, or in the ‘Payments’ section of the app.

Fixed Discounts apply to the fare itself and additional fees, but not to tips, cancellation fees, or damage fees associated with the ride.

*Ride Discounts are only valid for one ride and do not rollover from ride to ride. If the ride costs more than the Ride Discount, the remainder is charged to your default payment method.

What is a Credit?

Think of Credits as cash in your account. In the app, Credits are automatically applied to qualifying rides. They can be used across multiple rides and last until they either expire or are exhausted.

Credits apply to the fare itself and additional fees, but not tips, cancellation fees, or damage fees associated with the ride.

Why isn’t my Credit working?

  • It’s expired: Most credits expire on a certain date. The expiration date and time are specified in the ‘Payment’ tab.
  • It’s limited to a certain location: Some credits are only valid in specific cities or for rides going to or from an exact location. You won’t be able to apply a credit to unqualified rides.
  • You’re already using another code: You cannot use more than one credit per ride, but you can switch between credits on the Payment screen after the ride.

What are Promo Codes?

Promo Codes trigger Ride Discounts and Credits. They can be applied automatically through a link or entered manually into the app:

  • If you receive a message with a link to sign up, or click a friend’s referral link online, a Promo Code is automatically applied to your account. When you finish signing up, check the ‘Payment’ tab to see the code and its details.
  • You can also enter Promo Codes manually. Scroll to the bottom of the ‘Payment’ section in the app and use the ‘Add payment method’ box. After you apply the Promo Code you’ll see if the code was accepted, its amount and expiration date, and any other terms.