Why does Yellow Cab of Savannah have Prime Time?

Our goal at Yellow Cab of Savannah is to provide the best, most reliable service possible by making sure drivers are on the road when and where you need them most. We use Prime Time to encourage drivers to drive in areas and at times with higher-than-normal demand. In these cases, passengers may pay an additional percentage on top of the original ride’s price.

How does it work?

Prime Time varies based on supply and demand and can change from second to second. The exact percentage is shown prior to requesting a ride, and to drivers once the ride is complete. You’ll never take a ride with Prime Time without agreeing to do so.

Prime Time adds a percentage to the ride subtotal (calculated prior to Trust and Service Fee, taxes and airport fees, as applicable).

For example, if a ride costs $5 (+ other fees), and there’s 150% Prime Time, the ride will cost $12.50  (+ other fees).

How do I know it’s Prime Time?

You’ll see a Prime Time notification in the center of the app’s initial request screen, and a pop-up notification with the added percentage before you confirm your ride request.

Heads up: When you requests a Line, the total ride cost is set in advance, so there’s no Prime Time pop up.