With in-app ride history, you can see a detailed overview of each ride you’ve taken with us. Adding a tip for your driver, reporting your lost item, or requesting a price review can all be done within the app. We will still send you an emailed receipt once your payment is processed (or 24 hours after the ride).

Ride history features

Lost & found

If you lost something in the car, you can tap “Find Lost Item”. This will send a message directly to the driver. If you use this feature, the driver will be sent a text message with your item’s description and your contact number. If you have lost your phone, please use the contact form to reach out to a Lost and Found Specialist.

Price review

If you had an issue with your ride and would like to request a price review, tap “Request Review” You can choose the reason for the review, and provide any additional details to help let us know what happened.

Adding a tip

If you forgot to add a tip and would like to, you can tap “Tip Driver” on the bottom of the ride details.

Frequently asked questions

Why isn’t my ride displaying in the app?

For your past ride details to appear in the app, the payment for the ride needs to have processed.

What else can I explore within ride history?

Aside from the features mentioned above, you can look at a map overview of the ride. Cancellation and split payment fees will not appear in ride history.

I paid for a ride, but ride history says I paid “$0.00”. Why?

If you’ve paid for a ride entirely in credits, the total charge amount will show up as “$0.00”. As usual, tips toward the driver are charged directly on your preferred card.