100% of tips go to drivers. Since Yellow Cab of Savannah is a cashless platform, all tips are processed through the app, ride receipt, or a member of our team. Tips are charged to the card on file and cannot come from any promo credits.

You can add a tip with your ride payment.

The ride total listed and receipt will reflect any added tips. You can only add a tip through the app if it’s been less than 24 hours since the ride and you haven’t submitted a rating or payment yet.

Forgot to add a tip? You can add one later.

As soon as payment is submitted, you can locate your historical ride details in the app. Find the ride, and add an additional tip.¬†An email receipt is also sent, whether you submit it through the app or wait 24 hours for it to automatically process. If you’d like to add a tip, use the link at the bottom of the receipt, or tap the “Tip Driver” button in the ride history. You’ll be able to add a tip 72 hours after the ride is complete.

If you’d like to add a tip and the link in the receipt is no longer active, we’d be happy to add one manually. Just send us a message, and be sure to include the driver’s name, time and date of the ride, and amount you’d like to add.