If you’re unhappy with the price of your ride, there are multiple ways to request that we review it.

Using the in-app ride history

The fastest way to dispute the cost of your ride is to locate that ride in the app and tap “request review”.

Using your ride receipt

You can request a ride review directly through your receipt, using the link at the bottom of the receipt.

How to request a review without a receipt

If you didn’t get a receipt or cannot locate your receipt using the ride history section of the app, Contact Us.

Please include the following information in your message:

  1. Time and date of the ride.
  2. Name of the driver.
  3. A brief description of what occurred.

Review of a cancellation fee

Cancellation fees can be applied when either the passenger cancels the ride or the driver cancels as a no-show. These fees are only applied under certain conditions, which you can review.

If you were charged a cancellation fee you don’t agree with, use your receipt to submit a price review.