Yes. With Scheduled Rides, you can schedule rides up to seven days in advance and relax knowing your ride will be there when you need it. A ride will arrive within the 10-minute pickup window you selected in the app.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How far in advance can I schedule a pickup?

You can schedule a ride to arrive up to 7 days before your pickup window.

How does “Locked” Prime Time work?
We predict what Prime Time will look like at the time you schedule your ride. As soon as you confirm your request, Prime Time is “locked” at that rate. This means that even if the actual Prime Time amount is higher or lower, your Prime Time remains the same as it was when you scheduled your ride.

What if I need to cancel my scheduled ride?
You can cancel a scheduled ride at anytime. However, if you cancel a ride within 30 minutes of the driver’s scheduled arrival, you will be charged a $10 cancellation fee.